Do you have business or investment interests abroad? Many business persons are investing offshore. Many companies that import and export have not yet discovered the advantages of restructuring offshore to maximize their profits.

Some of the principle uses for going offshore are:

  • Trading
  • Investment
  • Holding
  • Financing
  • Professional services or consultancy
  • Patent, royalty and copyright holding
  • Ship management and yacht owning
  • Personal and corporate tax planning

We can assist with the registration of International Business Companies (IBCs) or trusts in the major offshore jurisdictions. Our expertise in the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Seychelles and other offshore jurisdictions can help you in optimizing your bottom line.

Our experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Setting up offshore companies
  • Assistance in selection of the RIGHT Offshore Jurisdiction
  • Assistance in the selection of an appropriate name
  • Setting Up the RIGHT Company Structure
  • Protection of assets and income using hybrid structures
  • Assistance in the preparation of board resolutions and minutes
  • Using offshore companies for international tax planning & investment