Superior client service is the cornerstone of our service philosophy; this is what Griffin Nagda & Company is all about. We service the needs of our clients by providing them the highest level of quality with PRIDE.

  • Passion - for the service we provide to our clients
  • Respect - for our clients, staff, and associates
  • Integrity - to do the right thing, being objective and independent
  • Discipline - providing timely service with creative ideas
  • Excellence - in service, skills, and attitude; to strive to be the 'best of the best'

We continually develop our core competencies and work to include value added services tailored to our client's needs, always placing their interests ahead of our own. We work with our clients on a one on one basis, with a high level of integrity and professional ethics. We believe that our clients and our service professionals make us who we are and are the backbone of our success. We are continually striving to better serve our clients by providing value added and innovative solutions and services. We stand out from the crowd, by providing our clients timely professional service. Our Goal is your Success!