A Global Vision

Whether you are looking for business opportunities beyond national boundaries or need international support in addition to services in your home market, Griffin Nagda's participation in Praxity provides a gateway to the global marketplace.


About Praxity

Praxity unites independent professional audit, tax and advisory services firms to benefit them and their clients by extending their global reach and expertise – allowing members to offer both global and bespoke services to clients.

Praxity is the largest professional services Alliance in the world with a combined turnover of US$8.8 billion. We unite over 70,000 people in independent professional audit, tax and advisory services firms in over 120 countries. We are an Alliance of handpicked, like-minded member firms which operate independently and are united by a shared commitment to high quality client outcomes and personal care.


In Praxity, it’s about the people: an alliance of audit, tax and advisory firms that connects members and their clients with quality, expertise and choice globally, underpinned by care and integrity.