At Griffin Nagda, we carefully researched and compared the best technology products available for accountants and their business clients. We chose the following cloud-based solutions for their depth and breadth of advanced features and services these powerful tools provide.

Through Sage Intacct, a robust suite of best-of-breed cloud-based accounting and financial management applications, our firm can power your entire outsourced business needs. It is completely secure, flexible and will scale to meet your growing needs. You'll never outgrow Sage Intacct.

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Optimize your financials

Gain real-time financial and operational visibility throughout your business. Comprehensive financial controls ensure security and compliance, and extensive automation streamlines your business processes, reduces labor, and saves costs

General Ledger:

Unlock key financial and operational metrics for a comprehensive view into your business with Sage Intacct general ledger accounting software. The general ledger provides the foundation of the Sage Intacct financial management and accounting solution, providing the underlying financial architecture governing the performance, scalability, capability, accuracy, compliance, and security for your entire financial management system. Sage Intacct General Ledger is optimized for high performance and maximum efficiency, strong audit, and control capabilities, rich planning and reporting, and provides the unlimited capacity to evolve with your business. Purpose-built for world-class reporting and analysis, Sage Intacct General Ledger accounting software combines unprecedented ease-of-use with advanced capabilities found in the largest ERP systems, helping organizations drive operational efficiencies and gain exceptional visibility into business performance—now and into the future.

Accounts Receivable:

Accelerate collections and reduce days sales outstanding. Efficiently automate the customer invoicing and bill payment process to easily manage customer payments and bank deposits with Sage Intacct cloud-based accounts receivable management software. Integrate Sage Intacct Accounts Receivable with Sage Intacct Order Management and Sage Intacct General Ledger for real-time posting of all transactions on a cash or accrual basis, ensuring financially consistent views across the business.

Cash Management:

Easily manage cash across multiple accounts and streamline reconciliations. Take advantage of complete cash management software functionality to manage all financial payments, deposit transactions, and bank reconciliations in real time. Control spending and flexibly manage all checking, savings and charge card accounts with comprehensive bank reconciliation. Increase visibility of your financial banking transactions to ensure compliance across your entire organization.

Revenue Management:

Boost finance productivity, streamline billing processes, cut closing processes, fortify audit trails, and lower the cost of compliance. Manage subscription and contract based financial relationships more effectively with Sage Intacct Revenue Management software. Automate billing, revenue recognition, forecasting, and renewals to improve the effectiveness of your finance organization and to lower your cost of compliance. Adapt and comply with evolving rules and guidelines, eliminate spreadsheets, and increase productivity by automating revenue recognition, billing, and renewal processes. Gain real-time visibility into recognized and deferred revenue streams, project future revenue and renewals, and improve your customer relationships—all while reducing days sales outstanding (DSO).

Reporting and Dashboards:

Drive business performance and make better decisions with real-time, actionable, and tailored financial and operational information. Take advantage of powerful accounting and financial reporting and analysis capabilities to build, plan, define, and measure business metrics and performance. Provide employees and executives with the business insights and visibility they need to make better decisions and drive performance.

Multi-Currency Management:

Easily manage multiple currencies, exchange rate schedules, and currency fluctuations. Take advantage of professional strength, flexible multi-currency software purpose-built to support your global business. Sage Intacct makes it easy for any of your business entities to operate and transact with your customers and vendors in any currency—even in multiple currencies. Automated real-time updates ensure you're always using the latest exchange rates. Automatically account for revaluations when exchange rates change and for gains and losses—both realized and unrealized. Streamline multi-currency management and compliance anywhere in the world. Plus run reports and performance analysis using any currency—whatever base or transactional currencies your customers, vendors, or business entities use.

Global Consolidations:

Manage complex global operations in real time. Empower your finance team with the tools they need to more effectively automate and control the global accounting consolidation and close processes. Improve financial visibility with real-time intelligence across entities to drive better business decision making. Sage Intacct Global Consolidations provides all the functionality a company needs to manage complex, multi-entity or multinational operations, in real time.

Focus On Your Customers

Get a 360-degree view of each individual customer—that reaches across sales, service, finance, order management, and other key departments and processes to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Sage Intacct billing and accounting software uniquely supports that holistic picture—to increase your competitive advantage, deliver breakthrough levels of memorable and responsive customer service, strengthen your brand, and earn loyalty and repeat business.

Order Management:

Promote profitable channels and deliver accurate and timely customer order information. Automate and integrate your quote-to-cash cycle to improve productivity, increase sales, heighten customer satisfaction, speed sales cycles, and drive margins. Organizations that take advantage of seamless integration between Salesforce and Sage Intacct Order Management software can achieve significant business process improvements.

Sage Intacct for Salesforce:

Automatically generate orders from Salesforce opportunities and streamline your entire sales cycle. Sage Intacct makes it easy to empower your organization with a full 360 degree view of your business by providing seamless integration between the most popular CRM application and the top-rated cloud financial management application on the Salesforce AppExchange. Developed and supported by Sage Intacct and built on the platform, the Sage Intacct finance integration with Salesforce helps sales and finance teams communicate effectively and work more efficiently—all while eliminating the need for an expensive and complicated 3rd party integration, IT support, or custom consulting.

Sales and Use Tax:

Simplify and streamline cumbersome, costly sales tax compliance with end-to-end sales tax automation. After extensive due diligence, Sage Intacct selected Avalara, the leader in cloud-based sales tax software, as its strategic partner for sales tax calculation and compliance. Avalara provides the easiest, most accurate and affordable way for businesses to address statutory sales and use tax requirements. Hundreds of Sage Intacct customers use AvaTax sales tax software to eliminate sales tax issues—locally and internationally.

Project Accounting:

Connect services delivery with finance for efficient and profitable business management. Sage Intacct Project Accounting software provides comprehensive capabilities to unify, automate, and streamline the financial and operational processes throughout the services delivery lifecycle. Combine Sage Intacct Project Accounting software with best-in-class cloud-based financial management and accounting applications to maximize performance and profitability, provide better service to clients, and boost financial visibility for better real-time decision making throughout the project-to-cash lifecycle.

Engage your employees

Our cloud solutions provide anytime, anywhere accessibility, simple navigation, and an intuitive interface that's easy for all your employees to learn and use. All your employees need is a web browser and an Internet connection to access the online financial software from PCs, tablets, or even smart phones. Automate timesheets, expense reimbursement, billable expenses, purchase requisitions, your own custom approval processes, and much more. We will help you increase productivity throughout your organization, and enable everyone in your organization to focus on higher-value work.

Time and Expense Management:

Eliminate manual, error-prone processes, and accelerate time and expense processing and reimbursement, saving time and duplicate data entry. Accelerate time entry, expense reporting, and employee reimbursement processes throughout your extended organization. Our advanced Time and Expense Management solution helps you improve efficiencies and maintain tight control over expense management processes with flexible, multi-level approval workflows, paperless entry and tracking, and streamlined reimbursement. Gain visibility into how and where you're incurring employee expenses.


Let us take the time-consuming, labor-intensive hassles and headaches of payroll processing off your staff's shoulders. We can provide a complete payroll processing service for your company at a small price your business can easily afford. We can even manage and administer your 401(k) plan, health insurance, workers' compensation, HR compliance, employee screening and more.

Unlock your data 

It's time to move beyond raw data and access the real information for your business. Sage Intacct's powerful built-in financial reporting and analysis tools give you actionable financial information. Slice and dice your financial information in any way you want with ease.

Customizable dashboards

Give your executives the tools they need to make better decisions and to drive your organization's performance. Performance has so many definitions, define your own indicators and use it in any dashboard or any report.

On-the-fly reporting

Gain real-time visibility in your operations with Sage Intacct's true one-click reporting functionality. Create custom reports for your business by running our report wizards.  


Sage Intacct integrates with other best-in-class applications and allows sharing of data.

Make it your own

Sage Intacct provides the deep, professional-strength accounting and financial management functionality you'd expect to find in expensive ERP systems, and the flexible cloud infrastructure makes it easy and cost-effective to integrate, configure, and extend the system to the exact level of customization your business requires. And it's fast. Many customers have been able to get started using Sage Intacct in as few as 30 days from the time they started looking to move to a better system.


Configure Sage Intacct to customize every aspect of your business:

  1. Workflows
  2. Settings
  3. Custom fields
  4. Smart events and triggers
  5. Dimensions
  6. Reports
  7. Mashups
  8. New screens

Extend to meet your growing capacity. Sage Intacct is designed for maximum extensibility. You're not boxed into a generic, standard solution that doesn't fit your specific requirements.

Integrate with other best-in-class solutions. Sage Intacct uses open web services to integrate with the broadest set of leading applications. So you can cost-effectively create an interoperable system of best in class applications—while preserving your investments. And web services ensure easy accounting integration with applications you deploy in the future as well. Take advantage of dozens of pre-built integrations with leading applications that deploy quickly and easily. For example, Sage Intacct integration with Salesforce CRM is the highest rated integration module in the Salesforce AppExchange. Take a look at the list of Sage Intacct-ReadyTM pre-built integrations.

Track Your Vendors

Sage Intacct makes it easy to drive better relationships with your vendors while providing that crucial visibility to see the entire procure-to-pay process. Optimize the way you do business using customizable workflows—to keep your business productive, efficient, lean, and agile.

You'll be able to:
  1. Gain business visibility.
  2. Create a seamless chain of transactions.
  3. Configure inventory workflows.
  4. Optimize price management.
Accounts Payable:

Streamline vendor payment processes, maintain flexible payment and expense allocation functionality, and ensure stringent vendor payment and approval processes. Do more than just pay the bills. Automate billing and payment management and take advantage of electronic invoicing and payment capabilities that go well beyond traditional accounts payable functions. Manage an unlimited number of vendors and transactions, set up customized terms for each vendor, take advantage of discount opportunities, and improve financial controls with flexible processes you can tailor to the needs of your organization.


Maximize cost savings and improve capital efficiencies. Streamline and automate the procure-to-pay process with Sage Intacct Purchasing. Take advantage of comprehensive purchasing functionality to manage and optimize inventory to increase customer satisfaction, improve capital efficiency, and reduce inventory costs.

Inventory Management:

Maximize cost savings and improve capital efficiencies. Let Sage Intacct cloud inventory management software help you reduce costs, improve capital efficiencies, and increase customer satisfaction by streamlining inventory operations, improving inventory visibility, and managing and optimizing inventory levels.